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My Costuming ‘to do’ list

Hello Everyone, 

2017 is looking like it will be a huge year for me. I have heaps of projects lined up. 

As we are in May, I will start there


Event: Villans Trivia Night- I have chosen Helga Sinclair from the Disney Movie Atlantis.

Patterns printed- petticoat, skirt & bodice for Victorian outfit

Round Tent- check, repair and re-waterproof 

Victorian & Regency eye glasses- have my prescription lenses put in

Regency Silk Over bodice- Cut out and sewing started

Event: Little Historians day – Victorian 

Regency landscape & portrait sketches started


Sew Victorian Skirt & petticoat

Event: History Alive at Fort Lytton National Park

Victorian bodice cut out and sewing started

15th Century 23ct gold Illumination started

15th Century writing slope made

Georgian costume made 

Event: Fairytale picnic

Fix my Victorian jacket sleeves and shirtwaist 


Event: Abbey Medieval Tournament 

Event: Literary dinner

August: TBA


Underpinnings workshop

Event: Steam train ride in Victorian travel clothes to Toowoomba


Event: Dainty Feast- 18th Century clothing


Embroidery workshop


Event: Myths and Legends

My list above will probably be added to during the year, but I hope I can complete most of the projects I have there now.


Back again!

Wow! It’s been a while since I last blogged. Apologies for that! Life gets in the way.

I have been learning watercolour painting. I have always been an oil painter but there was always too much clean up and I did not like the chemical smell so I decided to switch. What a huge learning curve. Everything seems to be opposite to what I learnt when doing oils. I am currently working on my first full watercolour sheet painting. I will post a picture of it when done.

Talk to you soon.


A few months back I needed a 1940’s dress for an event that I was going to. I fell in love with the era! The style of clothing was practical but still feminine and elegant. It fast became my favourite era. I have been slowly collecting patterns from the 40’s and I do have a couple now. My first effort isn’t too bad! I wanted to get a bit of use out of my clothing so I decide to dedicate one day per week (usually Friday) to vintage era days at work. This week was 40’s Friday! So I pulled out my faithful blue dress to wear to work. 

The top left shot is me being silly at the first 40’s event I went to a few months back. The bottom left is me  at work today wearing my dress. The right is the pattern I used. 

I am now starting to collect separates patterns so I have a nice work wardrobe to wear.  Too bad my hair refuses to curl like it should for this era. I will probably make a couple snoods to fix that problem. 

Time to make cards

Yesturday was the day to declutter my card making shelf in my art room. I thought I would try my ink pads out to see if any were still ok after 10yrs of no use. I threw out bits of paper and other small items but I was surprised to see that all of my pigment ink pads were as good as new as I had stored them upside down. This kept the ink in the pad and kept it from drying out. 

I was so engrossed in trying everything out that I had only left my desk for lunch and had made quite a few cards. I enjoyed making the cards as I wrote a list of events and people who I will need cards for before Christmas. Later on this week I will make my Christmas cards. 


Here are just a few cards made
I was quite rusty but got into my creative groove after a little while. 

A couple things to remember:

1. Always store your ink pads upside down.

2. If you have stamps in a folder (the ones with Velcro to attach to a base), do not store the folder flat or put heavy items on it as it ruins the stamps.

Next Saturday will be the clean up of my Scrapbook supplies shelf. Now that will be interesting to see if I can resist the urge to ‘try everything out’ to see if it all works. 

Frock up Brisbane

Last night, I spend a couple hours with my good friend Cat wandering  through stalls of vintage clothing at Mt Gravatt Showgrounds. Both Cat and I love anything vintage so we ran amuck.

The 1940’s display was nice as there were newspaper articles about the war included. Even a Ration Card was on display. (I love the suit in the above picture.)

We both made a purchase or two then went off to the Vintage Cafe for a nice cup of tea and some cake.

English Breakfast Tea with a slice of Chocolate Mudcake
Cat enjoying her cake
I will be definitely going again next time ‘Frock up Brisbane’ comes to town.

I love to cook

My work colleagues gave me the challenge of making two birthday items for two of our team members. Each birthday person picks their favourite food to be made for morning tea. One loves Black Forest Cake and the other loves Lemon Meringue Pie. I accepted the challenge!  

I have never made the cake before so my fingers are crossed that it’s good.  As for the pie… I had a practice run the day before but the meringue did not fluff up.. My mother-in-law tells me that meringue does not like rainy days and it sometimes doesn’t fluff up on those days! I thankfully made the pie above on a nice fine day! I am sure the Ladies at work will love them. 

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my new Blog! I love a challenge and I love all types of Arts, Crafts and Cooking, especially from long forgotten Eras. I love thrift shopping, gardening, watercolour painting, calligraphy and even gold illumination. I am always making something either for me or for friends. 


My good friend ‘ainead’ said I should start a blog about all the things I get up to ….. So here it is! I hope you enjoy these snippets out of my busy life.

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